Welcome to the first Rame Conservation Trust Newsletter of 2017

The last few years have been a period of change for Maker. The previous RCT Board of Trustees opted to dispose of many freehold assets at Maker Heights to a private property developer. This action caused a great deal of upset in our communities and has left many legacy issues.

In December 2016, all long-standing Trustees resigned just before the Annual General Meeting. Fortunately, six new Trustees had already been appointed to the Board. They conducted the AGM and were voted on to the new Governing Body by the Membership. Information about our newly elected Trustees will be on our website during the next weeks.

The new Trustees are now working well together and forming an enthusiastic team. We are conducting a 3-month review to establish the exact position of the Trust, the legacy issues that need to be addressed, and how we can move forward. An EGM is planned for April to present the results of the review and the Trust’s plans for moving forward.

RCT has retained leasehold land at Maker Heights, including most of the campsite and the Nissen hut complex. The Canteen is a successful attraction to the site and employs many local people. The Barrack Building is still owned by the Trust, and we will be planning its preservation as part of our review.

A very big THANK YOU to everyone who supported the recent initiative supporting the retention of the Barrack Building by RCT. This initiative was organised by Maker-with-Rame CIC; a community interest company that was formed on the back of community passion for Maker Heights. To date, the MwRCIC has raised over £10,000 toward repairing the Barrack Building – a great example of investing in community capital – and our thanks go out to all supporters.

We are looking forward to working with many national organisations, our communities and our neighbours as we seek to conserve Maker Heights as a focal point of the Rame Peninsula. Much work remains to be done and if you can support us in any way please get in touch. We especially welcome offers of help from folks experienced in legal issues, accounting and fund-raising.

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Happy New Year to All


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