Ursula Stevenson – Chair

Ursula is a Chartered Environmentalist with nearly 20 years experience in environmental consultancy. She brings her experience of business development and project management to the Trust.  In addition she has extensive experience working with statutory bodies, voluntary organisations, businesses and the public. 

Lyn Reid

Lyn is an Honorary Member – having invested in Maker Heights at the outset – with a strong conviction that community commons are important and beneficial. She has a scientific background, and skills resulting from working in varied scientific and administrative roles, serving as a school governor, and raising a family here on the Rame Peninsula. She will use her skills and efforts to bring good governance, collaborative working and holistic approaches to the Trust’s work.

Darren Newton

Darren Newton is involved with a group of marine design/construction and marina storage service businesses in Millbrook. He has a passion for the Rame peninsula, especially Maker which for him represents one of the most important areas of outstanding natural beauty. With Maker’s unique historical heritage, infrastructure, and rich social history he believes it serves as the perfect place for the local community of the Rame peninsula to work alongside each other, in all creative, entrepreneurial and educational endeavours. In this way, the community itself will help to save this amazing place for future generations.

Chris Day – Treasurer

Chris is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Cost and Management Accounts and, although now retired, has spent much of his working life as commercial and finance director in a number of international publishing operations. He moved to the Rame Peninsula around 10 years ago and is now committed to helping the Trust preserve and improve this important historic site, to ensure accessibility for both the local community and the wider public. He is focused on ensuring the long-term financial viability of the Trust by installing proper accounting controls and policies.

Caroline Vulliamy

Caroline has qualifications and professional backgrounds in Art, Landscape, Wildlife and Historic Landscape – and worked for the past 20-plus years for English Heritage, now Historic England. She now works entirely with local community and environmental charities and is very familiar with Maker Heights and the Rame Peninsula. Caroline is keen to see the community fully benefit from managing, using and enjoying this very special Historic Environment, and to see Maker Heights increasingly used by local people who have loved the area for many years. Caroline will bring her skills, knowledge and experience to help Rame Conservation Trust fulfil its charitable objectives at Maker Heights.

Malcolm Cross

Malcolm is a social and economic historian with a background in university teaching and research in the Netherlands, Italy and the Caribbean, as well as the UK. Despite having worked on employment and equal opportunity issues in urban environments, he is even more enthusiastic about rural areas in general and the Rame Peninsula in particular, where he and other members of his family have lived for more than 30 years. He hopes to contribute to understanding more of the history of Maker Heights and to disseminating that information as widely as possible. He is particularly interested in the balance between the conservation of existing buildings, ensuring the widest possible public access and in generating funding to achieve economic viability.

Cathy Green

Cathy Green is an international aid consultant who specialises in community engagement and good governance. She has worked in many countries in Africa and Asia. Closer to home, at least five generations of her family have lived on the Rame Peninsula, enjoying and contributing to this beautiful and unique place. Cathy believes that the local community is pivotal to the creation of a sustainable future for Maker Heights. She will work within the Trust to strengthen community linkages, promote community participation and ensure that all interest and age groups can access and benefit from the site. Cathy also has a background in successful fundraising and will work with other trustees to help secure grant funding to support and sustain Maker Heights’ important heritage and natural landscape.

Ben Ayres

Ben Ayres is Chief Hydrographic Surveyor for an offshore renewables contractor who has a strong background in IT. Being bought up in Millbrook has given him an appreciation for the benefits Maker Heights brings to the community, and is committed to supporting the trust in it’s mission.

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